Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer....already two weeks done

Whoops....I don't even know if I have done a post about the end of the school year for both of the kids.  I feel like I might have talked about it in some form.  If not here's a condensed version:  Trevor has been talking about school being done for a while and how excited he is for summer vacation.  We don't have any big plans, but he is still excited for it.  We got his report card and no real surprises, but still some good things to work on, perhaps over the summer if we can, and wasn't any surprise for next year as his teacher is the only teacher for 3rd grade in the gifted and talented group.  We have heard good things about her from this year's graduating class as it was her first year in the school this year.  As far as Gwen's Kindergarten class, we did get a letter stating the name of her PM class teacher switching to a male teacher.  I'm excited that she is in the afternoon class and excited to see how neat this teacher is.  She is very excited to tell anyone listening that she is starting Kindergarten at the same school Trevor is at.  I haven't exactly told her that she is going to have to go in this summer to get her immunizations up to date, but I figure we can put that off another few weeks to avoid that constant fear a bit longer. 

So we are already two weeks into the summer vacation.  The first week is VBS at Trevor's old preschool.  Both kids had a great time and got to hang out with some of their favorite friends.  Fridays also are, for the first 8 weeks, the kids' golf lessons.  I think Trevor thought with his increased ability in baseball from last year, he assumed that he'd be so much better in golf this year.  Since both sports are played at the same time, I think his swing for golf needs a little more time to adjust between golf and baseball.  But I do give Trevor credit, he has been wanting to get out and play as much golf as he can.  Last weekend for Father's Day, he played his usual 5 hole league game, then wanted to play 18 on Saturday (but we all got to go to the par 3 course nearby our house and played only 9 and had a BLAST), followed by almost another full 18 on Sunday.  We got rained out...or thundered out and finished the 16th hole.  He does finally have over 100 yrds distance with his 3 wood and wants to get a driver.  I would bet we can take care of that by the end of the season.  Because Gwen isn't in a "hole" league this year, she hasn't gotten a chance to get out on the course yet.  So when we played on Saturday, she was able to play for the first time.  She kept sinking her puts and saying "hole in one".  I'm glad she is not getting too frustrated while playing.  She just hits the ball when she can and we teach her more of the etiquette of golf rather than swinging and such.  And of course Trevor is always on the lookout for either a beverage cart or water stops.  Sunday he had two snickers bars, a can of lemonade, a hot dog, and water stops along the way.  I'm pretty sure the treats alone make him want to come back.  But hey, you get your practice any way you can!

This week, for activities, we had Trevor doing a hockey clinic and Gwen doing gymnastics.  OH was Gwen in heaven.  She was finally able to have a fun gymnastics class for a whole week (ok, well actually except for Friday, we skip it to go to golf).  She loved telling me all the different apparatus she got to try out, and that she was learning how to do a cartwheel.  THAT was what she was looking forward to the most.  Today she was telling me she learned the different positions...pike position, tuck, and straddle.  They also were swinging on the bar and doing some tricks with a stuffed (I assume) caterpillar.  I think based on what she told me I'm going to also sign her up for another week in a later session.  Even if they do the same things, I know she will love to try to get better at all the stuff she learned.  Plus they have a fun recess time as well where they get to play on the recess equipment, and eat their snack.  I'm so glad she had a great experience. 

With hockey for Trevor, he was in a skills clinic where they learned and practiced drills to become better skaters.  Probably not the most fun week, but very necessary to keep Trevor "on his skates" in the off season.  He looked to be one of the youngest kids the group, but they still regrouped them when working on drills so they had them working on different things by ability.  He also just got a different size skate that seemed better for him as well, so hopefully he can skate that much better this year as well. 

This weekend we are off to the lake!  Hopefully the weather will hold and it will be nice enough to hang out at the beach!  I'm having this sneaking suspicion that summer is going to fly by in a moment....but until it does, we still have our list of things we want to do this summer.  We did check a few things off already, but we would love to be able to do them more than once, so we'll see how far we get!

Friday, June 8, 2012

That first weekend in June

It is always going to be busy.  I wonder how we are going to do it in the years to come, because Gwen has been lucky having her recital on Saturday evening the past two years, the only time it works where everyone can make the show.  When she is in 2nd grade, in two more years, she will have to attend more than one recital, have more than one dance, and as soon as next year, she could have a recital that conflicts with a baseball game, or even softball when she starts playing. 

But I digress, we had two baseball games and a dance recital this past weekend.  It was an event-filled weekend, but actually kind of glad we get it all done in one snap, so it doesn't drag out over the summer.  It also happens to be around our wedding anniversary, so we seem to have to postpone any event or outing for another time, once we get past this crazy weekend. 

Trevor's baseball team lost its first game of the year on Saturday, and it was pretty tough because this team can't seem to get enough kids to show up, or at least let the coaches know in advance that they won't be at the game.  Saturday, they barely had the required 8 kids there to play the game.  And in the mean time, they had to rearrange the positions at the last minute.  It was a tough game, but they didn't play too poorly.  Trevor made a silly mistake when he didn't watch his coaches while running the bases.  He hit a good ball out to the outfield and tried to make it a home run.  The team they were playing had really good fielding ability and got him in a hot box, and got a few more kids out too the same way. 

Saturday evening was Gwen's dance recital.  This was the first time she explained that she was nervous, or scared, but once she got on stage, she was all smiles.  She did a great job remembering her steps and looking like she was having a great time.  She was able to come back out at the hokey pokey, dance around smiling, so she was getting a two-for-one night!  When asked after the recital, she said she preferred the hokey pokey so she could shake her backside at the audience.  She also enjoyed watching her performance that I had recorded on the camcorder. 

Sunday's game was much better for Trevor's team.  They were fairly evenly matched, but came out on top.  I must say, that Trevor has really developed his swing and his throwing since last year's baseball.  The team counts on him to be the pitcher for the majority of the game because of his arm.  Also, I believe there have been 2 or fewer times this year where he has struck out.  He has been thrown out at first base a few times, but he is one of a handful of players that consistently makes contact with the baseball and with power, he also gets extra base hits as well. 

Although the weekend was over, the baseball team had another baseball game on Monday evening, the third one in three days.  The team that they played really struggled, both fielding and hitting.  And this was the day that Trevor hit his first home run, and it happened to be at a time where the bases were loaded.  So it was also at the same time he got his first grand slam.  Thankfully this time he was watching his coaches at the bases and they waved him home (Russ was the 3rd base coach).  It was a fun game to watch him hit in.  Along with his skill, he also has a lot of confidence.  It is a good chance to teach him respect for his teammates and the opposing team, by not getting too crazy or mouthy with his good fortune.  I was explaining to him after the game that he had a GREAT game, but that to make sure that you understand that the other team probably feels horrible at that point.  It doesn't do any good to make them feel even worse by celebrating and not telling them "good game" at the end. 

So even though it was a game that didn't come on the weekend, it was a good baseball and dance couple of days.  Trevor only had 4 more days of being a 2nd grader! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oh what a memorable weekend!

Such as Memorial weekends go.  We've been usually heading to the lake for the weekend, rain or shine, or snow....such as you never really know.  It started off a little different than normal.  Gwen's last day of preschool was Wednesday.  We asked her if she wanted to spend the next day and night at the lake with Bubba and Papa before we arrived since Trevor had school on Friday and Russ wasn't coming back from Chicago until 5:30 that night.  So she went off and hitched a ride to the lake on Thursday afternoon.  That left Trevor and I alone for over 24 hours.  How would we spend the time?  Well, I decided to train him in a little on taking his mom out for a date.  He got to pick the place - he decided Red Lobster.  So we went and had a nice relaxing dinner.  It is such a different feel having one less kid to worry about.  He wasn't given a kids menu to begin with, so he started to check out the drink menu and wanted to order a lemonade frozen drink.  I gave him the ok to do so.  We had some very nice conversations about what to expect in the future...he is a very good conversationalist!  I'm very proud of that in him.  It isn't very often that we get a chance to see that, either because his alone time with us involves an activity or homework. 
So Friday came and I spent most of the day packing and making sure we had everything set to pick up Russ from the airport and drive straight to the lake.  His flight was early, and we actually had decent traffic.  It wasn't a straight shot, but being that there were 3 different spots for construction, we made good time.  As soon as we walked in the door, Gwen was quick to show off the purchases she had gotten while going shopping with Bubba.  Those two ladies love to shop, and I hate it, so they have to take advantage of it while they can.  She got an outfit, jewelry, and a toy.  And she glowed. 
As usual, we decided to have a night of dominoes followed by a quick trip to the casino....I can't help myself.  Pretty good night jackpots, but relatively successful.

The guys got up in the morning to go play golf.  Unfortunately, towards the end of their round they started getting rained on.  The other kids got to run to the park for about 45 minutes to get some time outside before the rain started.  We hung out inside until it was time to go to the newly remodeled roller skating rink.  It had been all over facebook, last year they had a fire in the food area and had to repair the roof and remodel.  I had taken Trevor and Gwen two years ago, and Trevor was the only one able to skate at the time so this year it would be everyone willing and able could go.  Russ came as well as my mom, some of some extended relatives....for some of them, it had been close to 15 years or so between visits, but it sure brought back memories!  Gwen had a hard time with a fear of falling down, but even when she was upset, she never wanted to leave.  Although Trevor had to make do with roller skates as opposed to roller blades, he was good on his feet.  We all had fun and hope to do it again at least a few more times this summer.  And then we were anxiously waiting for Sunday.  We heard it was going to be 90 degrees! 

And it was!  We were invited over to the other side of the lake, so we could sit on the beach and watch the kids.  For the first year, I actually could sit and watch and not feel like I had to be in the water with the kids.  Trevor has been good for a while, but Gwen was always a little timid at first and not really sure of the water.  This year, she had playmates, dogs, and sand and didn't even flinch.  I was a bad mom and did not reapply her sunscreen after the first 2 hours so her arms and cheeks got a little red.  My legs and shoulders were scorched.  But OH was I in heaven.  I didn't even go to the tiki bar, it was just so perfect sitting in the sun on the beach.  The kids had snacks and were hungry when we were done, but also had such a full day in the water they were tired out. 

The water temp was around 65 degrees or so, but with the air temp being so hot, the kids never got too cold.  I never even went in the was just so nice in the sun!  (Did I say that already??)  It was peaceful, even though the water traffic was crazy.  I again, was so happy to just sit and not have the kids even ask about a boat ride. 

We headed back early on Monday, and didn't hit much traffic on the way back either.  Because we were back shortly after noon that day, we could still spend the day getting ready for school on Tuesday and Russ going back to Chicago.  Lots of laundry and organizing.  Not really the most fun part of the weekend, but very necessary. 

So it has been a week since that hot day, and the temperature dropped to some chilly temps.  I was bundled up in a blanket and trying to stay warm on Trevor's Wednesday baseball game.  So far this weekend, it has been very nice for baseball.  But that is for another post.