Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trophies and medals, medals and trophies

It was the week of trophies and medals here at our household.  This will be one of the few posts that I use photos in.  I wish I was more visually gifted, but I just have no idea how that all looks good.  I depend on others to design anything that requires designing.  Give me numbers and I can organize them all. 

So here we go...the post of the pictures of trophies and medals...Kind of interesting since it is going on at a world setting that other medals are being given as well:  ;-)

Gwen took off her medal before I could take the picture, but she was happy to show me her trophy that she got.

Trevor decided not to show off his trophy but I did get a nice picture of his medal.  Trevor's trophy was for him being in his second year of 5 hole league.  Next year, if he chooses, he will be in 9 hole league.  I was able to watch him play his 5 holes and he did very well.  He scored a 38.  I know he still enjoys to get out and play with either Russ or me or our family.  It is so nice to be able to share a common love for a sport we can all play. 

 The club took this picture of Gwen and posted it on their website as they do for any member hole in ones, but I didn't know to look for it.  Russ was counting her score as I had Trevor for the morning.  She told me she got a hole in one, but you can tell she is also pretty pleased someone wanted to pose her picture for the shot. 
So that was pretty much Friday last week.  Trevor had a week long swimming camp which he enjoyed for 3 of his 4 days, but for some reason on the last day he said he didn't want to do it.  We've been having to deal with a lot of wanting not to fulfill a lot of commitments.  Unless it is baseball.  Trevor started his season ending tournament last Thursday.  If he won, his team would have had the week off until last weekend, but they lost, so they had to play Tuesday and won, to get to Thursday, and won to play on the weekend. They won on Saturday, so played for the 3rd place on Sunday.  Unfortunately, no one could get any hits during the game so they had to settle for 4th place.  4th place earned Trevor his 11th trophy.   

 So it was a weekend of medals and trophies for our family.  Now starts the countdown to back to school.....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another two weeks by

There goes another two weeks of summer vacation.  This week Trevor has his swim camp which he has been looking forward to for a while.  But I forgot to mention and add to it the take on two weeks ago where both of the kids were at an art camp.  Gwen was at Princess, Ballet, Tea party camp and Trevor was doing fun with clay.  Although I dropped them both off at the local middle school, they had to take a bus over to the Art center.  I'm pretty sure both kids were really excited by the bus ride, but Gwen might have been a little bit nervous about it too. 

Trevor came off the bus every day very clay-filled.  It was pretty cute.  I'm glad he had a good time with it.  Because they fired the clay in the kiln, I have not been able to see any of the projects yet.  But Trevor said that he made a plate, a mug, a cat head, Mario, and got to paint them all.  He also mentioned that he took orders from his classmates so he did some Garfield and Odie figures. 

Gwen came off the bus every day with projects that she and her class did as well.  The first day she had a crown, the next she had a wand, the next a tu-tu, and the last was a yarn wig for Rapunzel's hair.  They had a tea party on Friday and I had Gwen skip Golf that day so she could go to the tea party.  They had cookies that they frosted...I forgot to ask her if she actually had tea!  She had a great time and I'm glad she got to do that.  I bet she'd do it again next year. 

Last week, we didn't have any activities scheduled because Russ had his annual golf tournament at our club.  I was going to take the kids down to the lake earlier in the week, but Trevor had a playoff baseball game on Thursday night.  We had some friends over on Wednesday, and Trevor went to the park Monday and Thursday, and both kids were at the Childrens' Museum on Tuesday.  We headed down to the lake Friday morning.  Gwen got to swim and Trevor got his baseball game in with Bubba before we went to the Stone's Throw for dinner.  We had big plans for Saturday, but when rain happened for most of the morning, we scrapped them.  Both kids did got to swim again once the clouds broke up in the afternoon.  So then we went to the roller rink for dinner.  We were planning on a hopping time afterwards...or maybe a skating time....haha.  But Gwen fell asleep at the table.  Literally.  So we had to go back and drop her off.  All that swimming really does her in.  But Trevor was geared up to go so we headed back close to 7:30.  Megan, Ellie and Addie all met us there to also go skating.  Trevor tried on his new rollerblades.  They will take some getting used to, but he did pretty well on them.  He didn't win the limbo, but I still gave him a sundae.  I'm glad he likes to do it.

Sunday, we got up and decided to take our first real boat ride of the season.  It was sunny and warm so we quick took advantage.  The kids got to jump into the creek from the boat many times and I got some sun and warmth.  We headed back in the early afternoon and Gwen slept the whole way home.  It was good to be back and good to have Russ at home for another week so we are all set to get stuff done.....or are we?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

After June comes July

The changing of the months are always a relatively big event at our house.  Not like "Lets have a PARTY" event, but the kids know when it is time to turn their respective calendars.  Yes, I did say calendars...because they both have two.  One in their room and one in the kitchen.  The one in the kitchen gets written on, although I have moved my calendar stuff to the phone/computer because we have needed to use it when we are out of the house and it doesn't help to only have it written on the stationary one.  So anyway, it was time to turn the calendars, and Gwen squealed with delight, "June was so much FUN! I'm excited for July!" 

She was right, June was packed with fun stuff and it has already been a banner summer with doing so much stuff that the kids have been able to enjoy.  Even though Gwen is already talking about how she is looking forward to September when school starts again, she loves to find out that she has a random playdate with a friend, or a birthday party, or a trip up to the lake.  There have been a bunch of chances to go swimming both in pools and at the lake.  We've been golfing, once as a 4some, but a bunch more times as a 3some with other family.  Baseball games have been fun for both kids because Trevor's team is winning most of their games, and Gwen has always been able to find a friend to play around with.  Gwen has been really enjoying her weekly camps, both VBS and gymnastics.  Next week is princess ballet teaparty camp.  Trevor has clay camp as well. 

The last week in June we also went on a last minute trip out to Canterbury horse racing for Kevin's birthday.  I had heard from my hairdresser who had worked there for a summer that it was a great place for kids.  We happened to go on Buck night, so everything was really inexpensive although they didn't have all the kids games up and running.  Both kids got SUCH a kick out of being so close to the races.  Trevor loved to pick a horse and cheer for it before the race started to test his guessing ability.  He got one right, and we only stayed for 3 races.  There were 5 more after we left.  It was a beautiful night and there were a lot of kids there.  But it wasn't so overwhelming so that we were bothered by another group or bothering anyone else.  I know at some point Russ wants to get out there to see what it is all about, and it may not be with the kids, but it was nice to know what it was about and have the kids have a good time too. 

So we are now into July, and have two more birthdays this month, more trips to the lake, finishing up baseball and some more camps for the kids.  We are looking into going to Valleyfair to see how the kids like that.  I'm pretty sure that will be a big hit with both kids because Trevor loves roller coasters and Gwen would go on them if she was tall enough, so we'll have to find some thrill rides for her.  It will be another fun month, I'm sure.  Although busy, I really think this summer is what fun is all about when you are a kid.  Getting outside, enjoying the weather, and doing things you can only do when school is out. 

On a different note, yesterday, I decided I needed to clean the floors on the main level.  That meant 4 different areas.  I explained it to the kids, and without any screens, they kept themselves busy together for 4 hours.  They might have had a disagreement, but it was one they solved on their own.  It was amazing.  I think it happened because we haven't been bored yet, and we almost needed a day at home to just have fun on our own.  Hopefully the kids can remember how to keep doing this because I foresee a lot of tasks getting done with the occupying of their time together.  I guess we'll see!