Saturday, April 30, 2011

School Carnival

Well last night was our second annual school carnival. Trevor was able to remember from last year, and so was I thankfully, and able to prepare for the night. Gwen was not excited to go, and I'm not sure what she was imagining the night to be. We used the term carnival because that is what the school calls it. However, I do know she calls things the carnival when it isn't. I think what she might have pictured was the mall of america.

At their carnival they have pizza, jamba juice, pop, water, popcorn and mini doughnuts....REAL mini doughnuts. It started at 5:30 so we were there at the beginning eating so we could get on to the games. The kids were pretty hungry so we had their pizza and bought them each a bag of mini doughnuts right away. They headed to the bouncy stuff first, and then went over to the hospital. Last year Trevor got a fake gash in his head, but this year he decided he didn't want to. They played a few games and then we went to the beauty salon. Trevor wanted to get his hair colored, and Gwen was quick to say she did too. Trevor got a green, white, and red striped head, and Gwen got pink hair with some purple and black lady-bug like spots. I would guess that was the highlight of the evening. Gwen won a game of Bingo, and bought an inflatable space shuttle. As my new position of treasurer starts next year I decided to try to shadow the current treasurer to make sure I knew what was going on when I would be solo.

With the change in months, I'm hoping for much better weather and health. With me, they sort of seem to go hand in hand. I've had three antibiotics this month, it's time to move on. I haven't been able to get out golfing on Tuesday evenings, and won't for the next two weeks due to scheduling conflicts. The first two were due to weather. Gwen only has one month left of preschool and Trevor only has 6 weeks. It's time for a change.....bring on May!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Proud parent moments

Well, I guess if this week had a theme, it would be that both kids have really stepped it up and in school really given their parents something to be proud of. On Thursday, Gwen had her end of year conferences, and we got a very good report. She is smart and even pretty well balanced emotionally. She needs a few reminders during some activities, but I have to remember that she is a full year younger than Trevor was when he was in the same level of preschool. I know she really gets how to play with others well, as a result of playing with Trevor. She may not be the angelic child when she gets frustrated with him, but it only happens with him, never with any of her classmates or playmates.

The way that they are playing is taking a turn for the better in that I'm happy that they have stopped being so physical. It isn't completely gone, but it is far less often than it used to be. Now, it has turned to the whining and complaining directly to me. I am sticking to my guns and explaining that the kids have to work it out between themselves, but it can grate on the nerves, especially this week.

Trevor has decided to take part in the no screen time for a week this week. He has gone every day so far, and I think with as busy as we are, the rest of the weekend will be fine. It has led to more time with each other, hence the headaches this week but if it helps for future events, I'll deal with it. Trevor's substitute teacher has not yet even given him one of his reminder sheets. I think we are already down to 7 weeks of school left. Hopefully we can continue his streak. He took a standardized test before spring break that we got the results of this week, and he did very well. I think I may get more details than the information that was given to us, but it looks like he may be going to be in a gifted and talented class next year.

Silly me and my sickness but I didn't get the Easter decorations out until yesterday. I guess it was a little of a good thing though because their Easter baskets came out, with the plastic eggs and that has been the newest game. One gets to be the Easter bunny and hide all the plastic eggs and the other then gets to find them. It has been proving to be a good few hours of fun.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Welcome back

Well, I'm pretty much back in the land of the living. For some reason when I wake up in the morning, I have a big sinus headache that doesn't go away until close to noon. From that point on, I'm back to as normal as can be. But yeah, I don't really recommend forgoing your annual flu shot that you had gotten the previous 6 years without incident. Even if it takes just a few minutes out of your day. And then on top of that, I don't recommend getting a sinus infection directly after the flu. Granted, I couldn't control the sinus infection, however I don't believe I would have gotten it if I hadn't gotten the flu in the first place. Silly me. It was so strange. I felt like I was in a fog for the last week and a half. I didn't feel well on Monday, fever came on Tuesday, and then the following Wednesday was when I finally got antibiotics. Yesterday was the first day I felt close to better after my morning headache. I trudged through it as much as I could though. I stayed out of the public while I had the flu but still had to make sure the kids got to their school and activities. I even went to the PTA meeting where I was elected treasurer for the next two years. I'm sure I didn't look the best, but I knew I wasn't contagious and it was important that I was there. As for things going on with the kids, I know there are probably things I'm going to completely blank out on but here is what I know: Trevor's teacher had her baby, and they are now having the substitute for the rest of the year. According to the instructor at his school we should be getting a letter regarding options for Trevor's next year of class. Russ has also decided he is going to be the head coach of Trevor's baseball team this year. Although his travel schedule is unknown, the other coach was also in the same boat so hopefully they can work something out to cover each other. Their first practice is May 2nd, but Russ already got the equipment and their jerseys. If the weather was nicer I'm sure they'd be at the fields outside right now, but as it is, we need to wait for warmer weather. And then there is Gwen. We were able to get her dance recital outfit and boy is it cute. I was a bit concerned about how I was going to do her hair, but on the day of their pictures, they had to cancel because a bunch of her classmates didn't get their costumes in time. She also seems to be going through a big growth spurt that seems to be causing her issues. She has been eating like she hasn't eaten anything in weeks, but for her, that's not all THAT much. She has been complaining of leg cramps, and when she went outside for a walk with my mom, she couldn't walk around without tripping over her own feet. As a result she got a big scrape on her upper lip. So now we are dealing with a major attitude. Russ was trying to teach her that the words and tone she was using was causing her to be sassy. Now that's all she says, "Mom, you need to stop being sassy." She is pretty tired but doesn't get a whole lot of sleep. It just goes along with the territory. No sleep, lots of eating, out of sorts with her attitude. Not the most fun time to be a parent, but I know its only temporary. Thankfully we ordered her flowergirl dress in one size bigger than what she fit in last month. I'm thinking that was a good decision. Its hard to believe that next week is already Easter, and then the week after that is already May. Ahem...if I wasn't clear earlier, it would be nice to have the warmer weather here to stay please?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So yeah, I need a week off

Sorry for my lack of blogging this week. The kids are back at school and I unfortunately got socked with the flu bug on Tuesday. So I'm a little bit over 48 hours into a fever and I feel slightly better, but it has completely wiped me out. It has taken all my energy to get up in the morning and get the kids off to school and then back. I guess this will teach me to skip my flu shot. Thankfully the rest of the family got it this year and I seem to be the only one affected by it. Also thankfully, Russ is not traveling this week or I would be really messed up. And also also thankfully this week my mom started her Wednesday visits so I could take most of that day and sleep. I will be back soon, once I can kick this thing. I promise!