Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hot hot hot yoga

Not sure how many people have ever heard of hot yoga before.  I had through some people that I golf with. One of the people there is also an instructor.  I wasn't really sure if it was something I could do during the summer, but it sounded very intriguing during the winter.  I knew there were a lot of different places that did it, although there are a lot of places that don't only do hot yoga, just variations of yoga and do have hot yoga in the mix.  There have been groupons and other deals that have come into my email that I have checked out, but it looked like it was going to be something that was going to have to wait until Gwen was in school full time.  The times they usually have sessions were early morning, morning, lunchtime, or evening.  That 1-2 didn't seem like anyone was offering it.  So I kept it in the back of my mind, and didn't really pay any attention to it.

In having conversations with various people, it kept coming to my mind.  Another groupon thing came to my email that was very inexpensive, for an unlimited two month membership to an exclusive hot yoga place.  That's all they do.  Their room is 105 degrees and it only is about 15 minutes from my house.  I figured I would jump.  I knew that it wasn't going to be perfect, but with Gwen trading playdates every week with a girl from her class, I figured I would at least try it and then try to make it work when I could during the weekend, early mornings if I had to.  Now, after purchasing clothing, gathering the necessary equipment over the holidays from birthday and Christmas gifts, I was nervous, but ready to try it out.

I first went the day before my first workout to know where I was going and get registered.  Gwen came with me, and she was excited for me too.  I think if I let her into the room, she probably immediately would have not liked it as much, but she knew that I was really pumped, so I knew that was what she was reacting to.  Ever since that day, before I had even gone, she was telling everyone she saw that I was doing hot yoga.

So the time had come...I did my best to try to fit in, and also let the instructor know that I had no idea what I was doing.  I knew I was not flexible and completely out of shape because I had never, never, NEVER done anything in order to be in shape or be flexible.  At least in the summer, I can claim some muscle movement due to golf and walking the course.  The instructor assured me that I picked the right session to start with because it was a much slower paced class than some of their others.  Also, since it was in the morning, there were fewer people and more space to pick where you wanted to be compared to their afternoon and evening classes.

I got into the class and picked my spot and relaxed on the mat.  What a wonderful feeling...like being in a sauna.  This was Friday, before the cold snap, so I wasn't chilled, but even if I had, that would all be out the window as soon as I entered the room.  During the session, I was confused on many occasions, trying to make sure I heard and processed what we were supposed to be doing, and I was dripping sweat within a matter of minutes.  They had a midpoint break, and towards the end, I felt I had probably pushed myself hard enough and had to rest for a bit.  At the end...I felt so warm and relaxed and sooo....pumped on endorphins  probably.  It is a hard feeling to describe.  I'm guessing it is that feeling that marathoners or people who do races get when they are finished with their event.  I hear it a lot from people that have decided to take up running.  That the first time someone does a 5K, it is addictive and you want to do more. I can only guess that that feeling is what I felt.  I knew I could never do running, but I'm glad I found something that gives me that feeling.  It puts me in a better mood, and I feel so warm for many hours after the session.  I went back on Sunday morning, and while that was a very cold day, it didn't feel so bad to me.  But also when I went back on Sunday, I had a different instructor, fewer people in class and it was even slower and not as difficult for me to know what was being done and yet this time, I really felt it in my muscles.  Even today, two days later, I'm still sore.  In my neck, shoulders, and hamstrings.  It is cool to think that I could become more flexible and get this wonderful feeling maybe once or twice a week.  Maybe it will help my golf game.  I'm glad I took a chance and did it.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Oops...there went half of January!

The holidays seemed to get away from me pretty quick this year.  Or I should say blogging about the holidays and after seemed to get away from me pretty quick.  This year was pretty similar to past years.  Christmas Eve mass, with dinner and gifts at Vicky's.  Then Christmas morning at our house, so Santa can come and visit.  Then Christmas afternoon and evening dinner with my folks for my birthday and gifts, and then the day after it was ice skating, dinner and gifts at Jerry's house.  It just so happened that Russ's alumni hockey game was that morning, so we watched Russ skate at his old home rink while the kids and I huddled under my new fleece Bears blanket, also under the barely warm heaters.

The next day was Vicky's 12/12/12 birthday celebration so that everyone could come and visit.  We saw some out-of-town guests that we don't get a chance to see very often and got ready for Trevor's hockey practices and games.  Gwen had caught yet another cold, so we spent 120 minutes at the minute clinic to get a prescription for an ear infection before driving out to the lake for New Years weekend.  We got to see a few more families there before heading back on New Years Day since the kids had school the next day and my parents left for Florida that morning.

The kids got spoiled and the family got some new toys that we are still trying to work the kinks out of.  But it was a wonderful holiday season to spend as a family.  It was hard to get thrown right back into the heavy routine of all the activities the kids have.  I decided to finally cave and let the kids try out the after school program that working families sometimes use.  I knew it would save me a trip to school on Mondays since Trevor already stays after for Chess club and also knew I couldn't get away with only letting Gwen use it since Trevor had been asking too.  So now, twice a week, I get an extra hour and a half without the kids.  Assuming the weather is nice enough, the kids also have the option of going outside and being on the playground.  Gwen used that to its full potential on her first day and was complaining that I should leave again to give her more outside time.  It's a pretty sweet deal for me!

Russ went on a little vacation with his dad and brother to play baseball with the Twins.  Sounds like they had a blast and only got rained out one day.  He was gone 10 days, over the stretch of two weekends.  That was a strange adjustment having him gone on the weekends.  Poor Gwen didn't like all the extra hockey things she had to come along for.  Trevor ended up asking to not play in a hockey game on Saturday because he came down with a bad cold.  I was watching for a fever, but it never occurred, thankfully.  Even with most of the entire day that we never left the house, it was such an exhausting two weekends.  But it does keep the time flying by.

Now, since the holidays are over, it is already time to start thinking about the summer.  By the end of the month, the summer programs are usually published and we already have the traveling baseball tryout dates.  It always makes me feel a little warmer to start pushing forward towards summer, after the holidays.  There is a lot to get done to make it through to that point next!