Thursday, February 24, 2011

The personalities of the kids

Well, after a long wait, Trevor finally lost the second top tooth last night. It has been pretty loose since he lost the first one back in December. I didn't think it would take over two months to lose the second one. But Trevor will never be that kid that yanks his own tooth out. The thought of pain paralyzes him. I don't know if it would be any worse or better to spring something on him, such as if I don't prepare him for the fact that he is about to get a shot or something at the doctor. He doesn't exactly trust me as it is, probably because I don't actually enjoy telling him if he is about to get a shot. As it stands now, he is at least 4 or so years from getting another round of boosters. But he is always asking if we go in to get a shot whenever we see the doctor. And then you take his teeth. This one was number 6, and none of them have been because he has wiggled them out. One even came out while he was telling a story, for goodness sake. As soon as it gets so loose it is about to come out, he doesn't want to eat, doesn't want to touch it, or anyone else for that matter. Eventually, on accident they all come out, but I had thought after that first one, it would get easier. It isn't crippling completely, but he just cannot get over the fear that it might hurt when it comes out.

Switching gears: I had a typical interaction with Gwen at my weekly volunteer at Trevor's school. I come to organize the weekly pile of papers that goes out to all the classes at school on Wednesdays. Gwen comes along with me, and she has developed a playmate in another girl that comes to help mom out as well. They both play with her princess dolls and the organizer brings cookies or muffins or something else that usually the girls take care of. Well, on Wednesday this week she brought Girl Scout Cookies, and Gwen's favorite kind are the Samoa's. I let her have one, and she came and asked me for one more. This is how she does it: "Please, oh please mama, can I have this cookie?" At that time I said yes Gwen, you can have one more. To which she says, "Oh THANK you mama! THANK you!" I honestly don't even really think about it when she says it to me, because she has no filter to use it when it would really get the most bang for her buck. "Mama, can I go to the bathroom? Please, oh please, oh PLEASE?" Anyway, it got a chuckle out of the parents as to how I could ever say no to a face like that. It's pretty easy, at least at this point. I have no doubt that she will learn to use it more sparingly and maybe then I'll be in more trouble. What kind of got me though, was that after I had told her that she could have just one more cookie, she came to me with another cookie in hand. Before she said anything, she looked at me and said, "Mama, don't say no, ok? You can't say no. Mama? Can I PLEASE oh PLEASE have this cookie?" It made me laugh because obviously she knew in her head that I was already going to say no because I had said the previous cookie was the last one. I guess that was a prime opportunity to test my consistency. Would I really hold to the "one more cookie" rule? For anyone keeping track, I did. :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trevor...and the L's

Ah those "L"s. Gwen has recently discovered, even though there has been significant help from Trevor, that she is not saying her l's correctly. And now she takes every opportunity to say luh-luh-luh ladybug, or whatever word has an L in it. She stops herself all the time to re-state what the word is correctly. She often gets a little tongue tied by saying it, but she corrects herself. I guess her mind decided it was time. It is pretty cute, although I think it is one of the last toddler-like things she has been doing. This girl doesn't throw temper tantrums, she is dry through the night, she draws, paints, plays board games, can even point out a dance classmate when we see her at one of Trevor's hockey games. She may not remember names as well as Trevor had at her age, but I like the she is so friendly and plays just like a girl often does with girls that are almost two years older than her.

It turned into a big weekend for Trevor that I didn't really expect. After last November, I had thought that Nascar was sort of on the downslide. Perhaps because it does conflict with baseball for most of the year. Nascar started this weekend and goes all the way until November. Baseball starts the end of April, and baseball, I believe will always be Trevor's true passion. Regardless, something this year has returned the interest of Nascar, even before the Daytona 500. He remembers everything that goes into it, all the drivers and the smaller model cars he has. He has asked today three different times how he wishes that he had the 2011 Nascar schedule magnet that we have had for the past two years. We have gotten it as part of buying the new car for the year. Perhaps it will be something that he spends his money on.

So after Trevor's hockey practice this afternoon, he was finally able to watch a little of the race today. There were only a handful of the names racing across the screen that he did not immediately recognize. He was remembering the previous numbers for which some of the drivers have changed from in past years. And he even remarked at how at the very start of his interest in Nascar was when he decided that the Budweiser #8 car he decided was driven by Nick Jr. I think that had something to do with him watching Nickelodeon Junior channel a lot, and the driver was Dale Earnhart Jr. at the time. But since then, Dale has switched to #88 and Trevor knows that number as the car that Dale drives. And still has the #8 Budweiser car that he calls Nick Jr.

Fast forward to the end of the Daytona 500, which we were lucky enough to catch after surviving the drive to my parents house in yet another blizzard this year. And wouldn't you know that the winner of the race this year is a rookie. He is a 20 year old kid for crying out loud, and beat the previous youngest winner by 5 years. His name is Trevor Baynes. When I first flipped on the race, Trevor of course picked up on the name right away. And when he won the race, I could see that his love was back. Hopefully Nascar will make this kid's car quick and put it in stores so we can get it. I guess only time will tell. In the mean time there are a few drivers that switched cars again this year. And we still have another two months before baseball begins. Boogity, boogity, boogity, lets go racing, boys!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little Girl

As can be the case, it seems as though both kids are going through some kind of growth spurt. Last I measured, Gwen had already grown an inch since her doctor appointment around her birthday. A big event for Gwen was going through her clothes, getting ready for the spring trip we are taking to Florida. I knew she could finally get rid of all the 3T clothes as pants. The tops she could go up to a 5 or an XS in girls, but really I wanted to make sure she had enough swimming suits. As is her usual fashion, she wanted to try all her sundresses and swimming suits on, and then would not put back on her warmer clothes. It was still one of the really cold days outside, but I got a good idea of what clothes still fit her and which did not. I also got a new shipment of leggings and pants that help me weed out the other clothes. I'm taking the temperature increase and running with it. I'm also hoping that these past few days of negative readings are going to be the last of the entire year.

I got information on Gwen's dance recital in June and also information that her recital costume is coming in April. That means two months where I'm going to have to seriously hide the costume. It is right up her alley, but if she goes around wearing it, it will not look good come recital time. She will have an opportunity to wear it for pictures, and maybe even practice once in it, but she is already coming along with lessons and such. She is a very good adaptor. I've been putting her in activities that are probably a bit old for her, but she seems to find a way to fit in appropriately. I'm pretty sure she is the youngest in each of her classes, preschool, dance, swimming, and child care. She is reasonably good at listening and following the directions of the teacher, but not perfect. However, if you put her in a group with kids her age, I'm pretty sure she'd be pretty advanced comparatively.

Unfortunately, she has discovered and really enjoys the hand held game products. From Leapster to Nintendo DS, she wants to do either almost all day. Ug....I guess I'm lucky it has lasted this long. I have resorted to hiding or at least putting them out of her eyesight to distract her to something different. I guess on the plus side, her fine motor skills in her fingers are really improving. I know her preschool teacher is really working on them with Gwen. She has made huge strides since the beginning of the year. She even asks to color and use scissors on a pretty consistent basis. She is working on the letters of her name and can make most of them. Her class made a book and each student got a page to draw what makes them smile. I found her page by reading what the teacher wrote which was a dictation of what the child said the picture was. I then confirmed it was hers by her name on the picture. Anyone care to guess as to what Gwen wrote as to what makes her smile? "Flynn from Tangled." Guess she's a true princess at heart.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back to the routine

So this week was the first week back to our usual routine. I did have a PTA meeting on Tuesday that sort of made things slightly different than usual, but the kids were able to hang out at school in the childcare area. We had swimming, dance, but it was too cold to have hockey outside. At least the weather warmed up to give us a slight break from the cold.

The big difference this week was that I had a Norwex party on Thursday. I am really not a party person, and having a business-type transaction at a party I usually feel slightly weird about it. I had been to two already and I know I'll be to many more. We had a good turn-out and I think everyone had a good time. I'll be interested to see how everyone does with the product once it gets in.

We were also able to go to cousin Ethan's baptism on Saturday evening. Trevor started on his storytelling, and as he was doing so, he lost another tooth. It was a funny situation as all day he was having issues chewing things. He didn't even want to wiggle his tooth. I guess things happen in good time as it was mid-sentence.

The weeks definitely go faster with all of our activities going on. On to the new week....Trevor has his conferences and we have a birthday to prepare for! It's another exciting week!