Monday, April 30, 2012

Carnival times!

Well being the treasurer sure does have its busy times.  One of the busiest is the school carnival.  It was last Friday.  I also help with tickets, that means ordering them and making sure all three ticket booths have enough tickets to last the night.  And then there is the money.  Both the tickets and the silent auction bring in cash. 

Unfortunately it is a very long night for me and one where I don't get a chance to hang out with the kids while they are enjoying the carnival.  This was the first year that I let Trevor go off with a friend and he didn't have to stay with an adult.  I know he was looking forward to hanging around with his friend for a long time.  Gwen was able to also hang around with another girl so she didn't feel left out. 

Russ has been traveling again, and Trevor has started his first communion prep.  I have to say, I am really impressed with all they get done in an hour and a half.  We have already done two weeks, and only have 3 more to go.  I also hear they may be bringing back Wednesday night religion classes to the church next year.  I don't know if that is going to change Kindergarten Sunday School or not.  But that will be interesting to see how it all works out. 

Gwen is getting down to her last few weeks of dance practices.  Trevor is supposed to start baseball tonight but it conflicts directly with church, so we have to do that instead.  This weekend we go to the cabin for Kentucky Derby and that really kicks off the summer season for us.  The weather this week is actually supposed to be warm.  Hopefully it will continue into the weekend so we can enjoy warm weather at the lake.  Not that we plan on swimming, but perhaps putting our toes in the lake?  Granted, if I let the kids do that, there is virtually no chance that they will get their entire body wet.  Especially if it is warmer outside. 

I counted, and there are only 6 weeks left of school for Trevor.  Less for Gwen.  The spring sure is coming to a close quickly, especially since we haven't actually seen snow for a few months now.  Bring on the heat!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What a great weekend

As seems to have been the case with the weather people, we were forecasted to have a questionable weekend, and it turned out perfect for what we had to do.  I knew this week was going to be crazy with First Communion prep, chess, dance lessons, dance pictures, PTA meeting, and preschool recital, but then we also had Trevor's piano recital and Sunday school to start the week off. 

I was actually surprised Russ was up for going up to Derek and Kyrsten's for the day on Saturday.  He was going to have to leave for the week on Sunday evening but we were very lucky to have a beautiful day so we decided to run up and take advantage of it.  We headed out to a park by their house on Medicine Lake where the boys could go fishing and the girl could play at the park while the other girls watched.  We had been to this park before, but with another year of practice on jungle gyms, Gwen has gotten very good at balance and having fun on all the different equipment without me having to be right under foot.  I think she called at least 4 girls at the park "friend", as in "Hey friend, come here!  Come and play with me friend!"  But hey, I guess if they don't complain, who am I to say anything.  I think that is what she really enjoys about preschool, is the social part of their playtime.  And if they are outside on their equipment, they do look like they have a fun time. 

Trevor tried to fish, but the other two boys were not catching anything so Trevor quickly lost interest.  He also found a friend to play for a bit on the equipment, but I think having recess and extra outdoor recess on the school's playground didn't really hold his interest for long.  So he saw a kid around his age (shorter, but I couldn't tell if he was older or younger) playing basketball and started playing with him.  There were two different height-sized hoops, and both of them were shooting at the taller one.  The shorter one was the same height that he played his YMCA games at, but he could still make some shots at the taller one, so I guess it was fine with him.  It seemed like everyone was having a good time.  Only problem was, the kids had an early lunch so we could head out to get some things at Target and hadn't eaten since then.  I knew that they wouldn't say they were hungry, especially since they were having a good time. 

Around 5:00, a group of 5-6 what looked like college kids came to play basketball, and the boys wouldn't give them the taller hoop.  So they started to play the shorter one, but quickly got bored.  They asked the kids nicely to let them play on the taller one, and the other kid said, "only if you let us play".  So they did.  At first Trevor was just watching, because he had gone over to see how the other boys were doing fishing.  But then he came back, and saw that his friend was playing with the guys, so he wanted to join in.  They actually would pass it to the other boy and let him take a shot or two.  He might have even stolen a ball, but I wasn't paying that much attention.  And then Trevor joined in.  I think he was a little nervous to even really try to play with them.  He would put his hands up to try to block a pass or shot, but never really asked for the ball, just ran around trying to watch or block.  It was very heartwarming to see him so happy, and that these guys were letting him play.

At about 5:30, we told him we had to get going.  So someone let him take the ball, let him take a shot, and he made it.  At that point, he was over the moon.  I'm pretty sure that will be etched in his memory for quite a while.  So it was a good day.

Then on Sunday, he had his piano recital.  We had to go out to Roseville for it, and this time, it was a quick recital.  There were 16 kids, and 24 total songs.  Trevor was in the first 3rd of the kids, and he and his teacher did a great job.  There really isn't much to say about a piano recital because it is obviously something you have to hear, but he did a really great job.  I'm interested to hear what he is going to pick out for the talent show. 

So our weekends are now starting to get filled up.  I don't think we have an entirely empty weekend from now until the middle of June.  I can only hope for nice weather to get me's going to fly by.  Only 8 weeks left of school!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Oh, you'll like Gwen...SHE'S an ARTIST

Anyone catch that quote?  Heh heh...I may not be born a Johnson, but living with one for over a decade can rub off on you!

Not the point was that Gwen has become quite the little artist.  I guess I was correct in saying that she really wanted paper for Christmas.  Reams of it if she could.  But she also likes notebooks, the smaller the better.  She got a drawing pad as one of her gifts...80 pages.  I gave it to her for a car ride and she is down to under 10 pages of unused pages.  And she doesn't just make one thing...she makes a picture.  Some of them are actually journal entries.  Those are a little tough for me because while she is getting really good practice writing her letters, she isn't picking up on spelling.  When she gets to Kindergarten, I'm glad they will be teaching brave spelling because she could really use that now.  But now, she knows that words are made from letters, and she wants them to be correct so I am the one that has to spell everything out for her. 

Some of her ideas of what to draw and then write out are:  yes - its not too early to be thinking about her Christmas list!  I guess she doesn't understand that she could also make her own birthday list, since her birthday comes before Christmas, but she likes to draw something out and then write what it is in case Santa can't tell.  Ah, I will say that she now knows how to spell the word "doll" very well.  Doesn't matter if it is an actual toy, any movie or TV character, she will draw a picture of them and say that it is a doll and then ask for it.  She also likes to make menus and take orders.  Sometimes this is just pictures, but sometimes she does ask how to spell things.  She likes to write down lyrics to her favorite songs.  She draws a lot of family pictures or pictures of just one member of her family.  If it is a family picture, we usually are all carrying something similar.  One day I think it was a flower. 

She does also like to pain with watercolors and draw with crayons or markers.  I like how she doesn't always have to do one or the other.  She likes to color in coloring books but also on blank pieces of paper. 

Unfortunately, there is a significant problem that I did not see coming with this artistic ability.  When Trevor was around 3, (it could have been earlier, I cannot remember exactly) I know he went through a phase where he wanted to draw/scribble on anything.  Tables, walls, in books, etc.  I knew I had to get him to understand where they belonged and did not belong.  But he grew out of it and it didn't really happen again.  So far, he never had any big issues with scissors either...cutting things he wasn't supposed to and the like.  Now Gwen didn't really do that...the scribbling on stuff I mean.  I guess it wasn't as though she NEVER did it.  I know she liked to "paint" her fingernails with markers and sometimes the insides of her hands, and even the table occasionally but it wasn't anything really noteworthy.  But within the past month, she has just gone crazy with the drawing on everything.  I allow her to write whatever she wants on her calendar, because she has her own.  She often asks for help spelling whatever she wants.  Last month she copied her preschool calendar to write down which of her classmates had the sharing box....and then scribbled all over it.  But now, she won't stop at her own.  And she knows she isn't supposed to because she drew on one date of my calendar before I asked her to stop, and this month she drew a square around the month of my calendar without me seeing.  Her calendar already has many small drawings all over it. 

Our dining room wall has many pencil marks (and yes, I am thankful that almost all of the current markings that are going on are pencil so it could be much worse) including some drawings and letters.  One day I let her take her journal up to her room during rest time, but I guess that was a mistake because her door, calendar and toy chest now are written on, all over.  At least at her eye level.  She must have so much to say and little artist.  But I'm really struggling with how much of it to keep.  She doesn't seem to mind, as long as she doesn't see me recycling her papers.  I do hope she continues the love of writing and drawing.  But I guess what mother wouldn't.

Quick post...another Trevor-ism

It has been so long since I can remember a Trevor-ism.  I know it couldn't be so long as when we were at the Dells before Gwen was 6 months old with the introduction of "noitch" and "sadules".  Maybe it is because he is reading so much more, that he gathers his vocabulary from words he reads, not ones he can create.

Anyway, Gwen has been out of sorts the last few days, probably because she is sick and she fell out of the booth at dinner tonight.  She was very upset and wanted to go to the doctor, because she felt as though he could make it all better.  She bumped her knee, but I don't even know that it will be a bruise.  So we were leaving, and Russ said that he talked to the doctor and he prescribed ice cream to help her feel better.  Trevor, of course, questioned Russ talking to a doctor, to which Russ said it was Dr. Dad that prescribed the ice cream. 

"But dad, you can't be a doctor.  You are a computerconcologist." (said computer-con-cologist)  To Trevor, that is Russ's job title.  I asked him where he came up with that one (also stating that Russ needed to get that printed on his business cards as his job title) and he explained that it is a job card in The Game of Life.  We do have a relatively new game, not the same as the one that I used to play.  But the job title for one of the careers is Russ's job:  Computer Consultant. 

I think I like Trevor's description better!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So Far, So Good

So we are halfway done with the kids' spring break, and I have to say I'm not as crazy as I thought it was going to make me.  I love routines and knew that this week wasn't going to be a regular one.  I wondered if we would get decent weather to be able to do things outside.  I have a few errands to run, ones that I would rather the kids didn't have to tag along to, and it has worked out wonderfully so far. 

I was very scared at first when the forecast was predicted to be wonderful:  High 70s and sunny both days.  And then Saturday was overcast and barely made it into the 50s.  We had planned to be outdoors on Saturday, but that quickly changed and we changed gears to head to the Works museum, which we had never been to before.  The kids loved it!  I will have to bring them back on my own because Russ quickly tired of the few activities that he was interested in.  I never mind letting them run off and play on their own as long as they are being safe, I can see them, and they have a fun time.  Gwen could have spent all day in the block building area as she is my builder, and Trevor could have spent all his time at the pinewood derby race-like structure where you could build your own car and race it down a timed track.  He is my racer.  He made me chuckle because he was determined to prove that his one wheel would be the fastest thing out there, but Russ proved him wrong.  He made a very well-designed car that speeded past his one wheel. 

Sunday, we had a low key day with a piano lesson.  It was a nicer day to be outside but it still didn't really start to get warm until well after lunchtime.  Then the days of the break really started.  Monday, we actually spend most of the day running to the airport to help some families out.  And then went out to my parents place for dinner.  Tuesday, I spent most of the day at the car dealership getting the car brought up on its maintenance.  Today, I promised to bring the kids to a local park and they lasted a good hour and a half.  It was as busy as I have ever seen it, especially since I was pretty sure there weren't any day care or school like field trips going on.  I will say though that I was glad that my kids don't have to be helped through the maze of slides and climbing things around anymore.  Trevor met up with a few people at school and Gwen found some friends to play with as well.  Tomorrow the kids are going to my parents for the night so I can get some more cleaning and organizing done.  Then we are on to the weekend. 

Trevor's only real hope was that his break wasn't filled with lots of homework, and it hasn't been so I'm pretty sure it will be a success in his eyes.  Gwen has been tired out as she got hit with a cold over the past few days so she has actually been napping.  Her hearing has also gone again as a result of the cold.  But I'm thankful there isn't snow on the ground, it hasn't been raining during the day, and the kids are getting the outdoor time that they need.  So while not a usual spring break for us, it has been a nice break from the crazy routine and gearing up for the end of school.  Can't blink now or you will miss it!